piątek, 16 października 2009

6 Reasons To Switch from FireFox to Chrome/Chromium!

Hello! Today's post will be in English. Why? Because I want to make it bit more international! Sounds Great to me! Today I will present You 6 The Biggest Reasons Why You Should Switch to Google Chrome!
So Let Begin!

1. Themes!
New Google Chrome comes with great support for Themes! I love the way looks my new Chrome!

Looks Great? I love Mariah! Let's try other Theme. Nah, I don't like it! So Let's back to Mariah... Oh I need to download again 800Kb ;/ Themes Are killer feature!

2. You Love to Choose!
Linux Users can consider a serious problem. "Let's hack today with...?" Chrome (unofficial beta 4 comes for Linux!) or Chromium (Browser not related to Google. And the same version 4 beta)

Chrome or Chromium?

3. You Have Extended Settings Options!
Yes! You have Settings! You Can set up whatever you want! Chrome looks better with options compared to chromium. It has one more option "Send my info to Google Corp."

4. Adblock!

Yea, You wish...

5. New Tab Screen!

WoW Dude! You have to options how to display most visited pages! List or grid. Of cource Firefox has just basic rip-of Opera Speed Dial. And do not forget when changing look from classic to list it displays cool-fancy animation! Check it out!
Fast Dial- classic

Fast Dial- list

6.It's Google!

This reason is serious. I love Google, I use gmail, Gtalk, Picasa etc.

Long Life Chrome! I wish You the Best! You Are OpenSource so I like You. But I will stay with my slow FireFox!

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  1. Ad4.
    GreaseMetal is only for windows hosts. So There's no Adblock functions in Chromium.